Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Today I had cause to return a faulty electrical item to a major high street store. No questions asked, the shop assistant obligingly took back the broken appliance now 6 months old and handed me a new one. It had of course come with a warranty guaranteeing it to be free of defects for 24 months and offering a replacement if it wasn’t. All of which reminds me of the client who once upon a time asked me how she could invoke the guarantee under her marriage certificate. It seemed she didn’t particularly want a divorce but was looking instead to return her husband and get a substitute in his place. Interestingly she wasn’t bothered about a younger model either; something pretty much the same would do fine, she explained. When I advised that marriage didn’t work like that she chuckled and told me she’d had her doubts but as the certificate was the same colour and lay-out as the one she was given for her double-glazing, she thought it was worth a try.

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