Tuesday, 5 August 2008


It is now accepted practice in most schools that, when a couple has separated, letters home about little Johnnie, Simon or Rebecca, are written to both parents individually. Where there is a failure to observe this practice it has become customary for family lawyers to contact the Head Teacher or even the Local Education Authority to point out the implications of Parental Responsibility.

I note that the latest plans, commencing next month, are for more letters to be written to parents. This time they will relate to their children’s size because parents themselves are no longer deemed capable of judging whether or not their son or daughter is a healthy weight. Although the word obese is not to be used, the term “very overweight” being considered politically more correct, I can’t help wondering if these missives will generally be referred to as Obesity Letters.

Also, on how many occasions will lawyers get involved in correspondence with the relevant Primary Care Trust to ensure that letters are sent to both parents separately, or will it do this automatically? Will there also be scope for legal argument in courts concerning the welfare and best interests of a child based on their contents?

Beware! Allegations that you feed fried Mars Bars and potato crisps to your children for breakfast may soon have the weight of Nanny Government behind them.

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John Bolch said...

Oh great, no more fried Mars bars! Bl**dy nanny state...