Monday, 30 June 2008


E-bay bids finally closed yesterday for the life of Ian Usher, the rug salesman in Perth, Western Australia. He took the brave move of putting all his possessions (including his house, access to his friends and a trial with his employer for his job) up for sale after splitting from his wife. The highest genuine bid, however, was apparently only A$399,300 (£192,300) which is purportedly some A$20,000 less than his house alone is worth. Newspapers today however proclaimed Mr Usher to be satisfied with the deal although he concedes in his blog that the price was lower than expected
Strange how some divorcees can be happy to effectively give away articles of value to complete strangers whilst others moan continuously if a court tells them to give them to their spouse. Mr Usher of course had the benefit of what he declares was “an amazing and fun experience.” Now that’s not something I’ve ever heard a court imposed clean break described as.

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