Monday, 23 June 2008


I have spent a large part of today immersed in securing a freezing order. There are various emergency remedies that family lawyers are required to seek from time to time. Waiting in the warm ante room with the sun beating down outside, it reminded me of an occasion when one June day once upon a time I had made an application for a similar order in relation to the entire contents of a house. My client, unable to bear the stresses of living in the same property as her husband with whom she was embroiled in divorce proceedings, had decided to snatch a few days respite in a guest house on the Yorkshire Coast. Whilst there she received a disturbing telephone message from a neighbour which prompted her to return home immediately. When she opened the front door, her first reaction was to assume that they had been burgled for the house had been stripped bare. There were no light fittings, carpets, radiators, or kitchen units let alone furniture or electrical appliances. Plants had even been lifted from the garden along with 2 garden gnomes. The only thing left was the kitchen sink and even the taps had gone from that. The police were called but it was the absence of the husband too, that gave away the identity of the likely culprit. He was found in the house of his new partner, which was described by those who saw it as being somewhat over furnished!


Michael said...

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Judith said...

Are you trying to sell something Michael?