Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Yesterday I blogged about the unromantic Italian gent who kidnapped his ex-girlfriend to get household chores done. Today I have had my attention drawn to this story from South Korea, where another jilted gent decided to sue his ex for the money he had spent dating her. Well at least it shows that mean spiritedness is global.

Anyway it seems the Japanese toy firm Sega may have come up with a solution in the form of a robot known as EMA or Eternal Maiden Actualisation. (Click here for the news report.) She goes on sale in September in a marketing drive that is going to be aimed at lonely adult men. She is described as sweet and interactive, kissing on command. She also sings, dances and hands out business cards. It doesn’t look as though she does the washing and ironing, but apart from her initial price tag of approximately £90, there shouldn’t be any need to incur the cost of bouquets of roses or other love tokens in seeking to woo her.

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