Monday, 2 June 2008


In what has become a celebrity obsessed culture, I’m told that our children now believe that talent manifests itself in an ability to sing or kick a football rather than excel in other areas including academically. Whilst I can’t claim to have any genuine interest in the lives and achievements of purported celebrities, I do confess to reading trashy magazines in doctors’ and dentists’ waiting areas and as you will be well aware of repeating alleged quotes in this blog. However, I have come to the conclusion that the one person I would never hire to promote my business would be a celebrity divorcee. They only seem to give one line metaphors painting a picture of horror and pain.

Recently I reported Robin Williams’ comment about divorce being like “circumcision with a weed whacker”. Today I read that Alec Baldwin, the actor who came to fame in The Hunt for Red October and who was until 2002 married to Kim Basinger, is releasing a book to help couples through divorce, in which he describes the process as like “being tied to a pick up truck and dragged down a gravel road.” Imagine trying to advertise my services using that as a commendation!


Bentonbag said...

Yes - but what about people who want their ex-spouses-to-be tied to a pick up truck and dragged down a gravel road.
"She made my ex feel like he'd been circumsised with a weed whacker" could be an excellent recommendation.

Judith said...

What a brilliant idea - I feel a marketing campaign coming on. Any idea where I get weed whackers from?

Syn said...

Divorce itself isn't the hardest part...between two adults and no fight over the children. It's the fight over child custody, visitation, and support that makes you feel like you've had a weed whacker taken to's 18 years of week whacking, lol.