Sunday, 15 June 2008


Apprentice Man was running in the North Yorkshire Schools’ Athletics Championships yesterday. He must have been fast because he is now to represent the County at 100 metres in the Regional Tournament next week. It’s strange how people can be very different in their domestic and personal lives to how they appear to others. My own experience of Apprentice Man is that he is invariably slow, especially when it comes to getting out of bed or dashing for the school bus.

Sometimes after a particularly acrimonious divorce clients are tempted to divulge all and try to tell the world at large about their spouse’s “dark side.” I’m not sure that it’s the best of tactics and it frequently reflects on the avenger rather than the avenged. Hence I went shopping yesterday afternoon, in preference to standing in the middle of the stadium yelling “tortoise.”


Tulsa Divorce Lawyers said...

It sounds like Apprentice Man is very successful publicly, but not so much personally - the divorce courts don't really care though do they Judith?

Oklahoma City Divorce Attorney said...

It sounds like Apprentice Man needs to reprioritize his life.