Thursday, 17 April 2008


This week I have been reading papers describing a man who appears to be suffering relationship problems. He was organising a party but it is falling into disarray and there have been rumours circulating for a little while that fisticuffs have even broken out. The man is becoming marginalised. He is openly criticised whenever he tries to speak to justify his actions. He is being pilloried for the way he’s handled the purse strings, as it seems that there is now debt and hardship everywhere. Indecision on his part is allegedly making the whole sorry situation worse and those close to him are reported to be “down in the dumps” as a result.

Now he’s visiting distant relatives in America to get away from it all, whilst asserting that he is committed to sticking it out in the belief that there will be good times again.

Sounds familiar? Welcome to the world of Gordon Brown, PM.

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