Sunday, 6 April 2008


Sometime there comes a point when we just want to get away. The stress and anxiety of our daily life pushes us to taking a luxury holiday in the belief that it will prove the panacea for our problems. Put enough distance between us and them and they’ll go away. Sadly it isn’t always a successful strategy; worries can travel with us and spending two weeks lying on a beach, soaking up the sun may give more opportunity than we would like to dwell on them

My own preference for a totally destressing break remains an activity holiday. Trekking (amongst my clients Kilimanjaro remains the most popular destination), white water rafting, cycling, climbing, sailing or my own recent choice of skiing all work in the same way. During the day you are concentrating so much on staying upright, defeating the elements and terrain to reach your destination intact that you can think of nothing else. At night you are so exhausted you really do sleep! Net result: you arrive home mentally refreshed, physically fit and ready to face the problems confronting you again.


bentonbag said...

I do hope you don't have a totally distressing break. I'd rather you had a totally destressing break. I'd rather be destressed than distressed any day of the week - however much the spell checker complains!

Judith said...

Oh my goodness, I must stop posting these entries late at night after a busy weekend. Correction made and thanks for pointing it out.