Wednesday, 20 February 2008


Recently I blogged about “the rat”, a term used repeatedly by clients to describe their husbands. Another name frequently used is “the witch” usually reserved for the other woman, although sadly I have known some men refer to their ex-wives as such also.

In Austria, tradition has loaned itself to a ceremony for disposing of the witch who has come to represent the cold and harshness associated with winter months. At least that is how I understood the explanation given to me of the parade we witnessed through Stuben one evening last week. It was led by a band to a point on the piste where a bonfire was lit and fireworks set off. Reminiscent of our own Guy Fawkes Night a witch was duly burnt, although fortunately she was constructed from a pine tree.

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Tulsa Divorce Attorneys said...

Ah yes the constant references to the 'the witch' and 'the rat' - no divorce solicitors practice would be complete without them :)