Tuesday, 10 July 2007


Apprentice and Outdoor Men have been away for 10 days now on one of their extreme adventures. This time they are sailing from the East Coast of Denmark to the West Coast of Scotland on a small yacht.

Friends ask if I am missing them. Of course I am, but I have to tell you that their absence has its compensations. Certainly meals and the general drudge of housework are much easier in a smaller household and the washing and ironing routines have been bliss without a pile of men’s shirts to process. There are no arguments over loud music, TV channels, windows open or closed, whose turn it is to put the wheelie bin outside the gate for collection or who ate the last chocolate biscuit. Also I seem to have more time for myself.

Other friends ask if I am concerned for them, especially for Apprentice Man who’s never undertaken a voyage of this nature before. Am I curious to know what they are doing? Obviously, but in German Bight and Fisher there have been gale warnings; in Forties, Cromarty, Forth it’s been variable 4 or 5 increasing 6 or 7, sea state rough.. Would I like what I might hear? It can get extremely uncomfortable on board, and the North Sea is a mighty big place for a little boat.

So what strategy have I adopted for coping? In the first 2 days I sent text messages but I received no reply, which only added to the anxiety. So, to be honest, I’m trying extremely hard not to think about them; not to look on the net at the Shipping Forecast; not to call or text them on their mobile phones or radio. It’s easy when I’m busy, but temptation can lurk in quiet periods and my imagination can run away with itself if I permit it. Instead they have called me; 3 times to date. It’s better that way. In the meantime with Little Girl back on her feet (see July 7th’s entry), we’re planning non-stop treats by way of distraction for ourselves.

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