As you know I’m a great believer that humour can relieve the stresses and strains of divorce. I’m not alone. Dan Rosandich, a fulltime cartoonist and illustrator, has put together an extensive collection of divorce cartoons which he licenses for use. Dan tells me that his cartoons have been used not only by lawyers for newsletters but also psychologists and counsellors who have used them to help clients understand certain aspects of their behaviour in a humorous way. I’m all in favour; laughter is a great healer.


As a Chicago Divorce lawyer, ( I totally agree humor is needed when dealing with divorce. Divorce is a very serious matter, but it could be used to break the ice.
Michael C. Craven
Chicago divorce lawyer
IBB Solicitors said…
As hard as divorce can be, humor can always cheer someone up at least a little bit. It is good to see that someone is trying to do so.
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Unknown said…
I do agree that in a stressful and a tedious journey such as divorce that it is better taken lightly each day as a path to recovery. And humor in a cartoon sense would be a convenient and most effective way of doing it. We all once started as a kid and was introduce to the world of cartoons and it does give a happy thought even in our sleep and will greatly affect the parties on going such a process since it is not more about the so called ex husband and wife but an issue more on the children and divorce as the way out in a not so good relationship.
Sometimes humor can be the best medicine to get through a difficult situation!
Margareth said…
So true, humor can safe you. Even in the nastiest divorce process, it is vital you keep your humor alive!

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