Monday, 15 September 2014

A Painful Divorce

David Cameron described the potential outcome of a Yes vote in the Scottish referendum as a painful divorce rather than a trial separation today.

We have just returned from another sailing trip in Scotland and at the moment she is definitely going through a dilemma. Whilst there are some South of the border who think they should have a say too, the golden rule of every union (as any divorce lawyer can substantiate) is, of course, that it takes two to make it and one to break it. The decision is accordingly Scotland's alone.

If the Prime Minister must use separation and divorce as a metaphor, perhaps he ought to have been even more explicit: "Scotland, if you do decide to leave then don't think that, after a night consuming several drams of whisky, you can send a text message signed off with love and kisses saying you've made a mistake and want to come home."