Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Across the Atlantic the US Federal Government has been investing in the promotion of healthy marriages. Back in the mid-nineties it was felt that the continual erosion of marriage was having devastating social and economic consequences for the country and individuals, with negative effects for both children and adults. As a result a Healthy Marriage Initiative was launched over 12 years ago with specific pilot projects aimed at education and support and following on from welfare legislation reform aimed at encouraging marriage and discouraging the birth of children outside of marriage.

Now, a report from the Bowling Green State University (I love the name), suggests that the funds spent (over $600 million) have had little impact; the number of marriages has continued to fall and the divorce rate has remained stable.

So where does the Federal Government go now? If it finds the answer, then no doubt other countries around the globe would like to share it too.

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