Monday, 30 July 2012


The Olympics' Opening Ceremony continues to cause controversy with some insisting that it was a leftist political statement, others that it was cringe worthy and yet more claiming it was an enjoyable portrayal of “Britishness,” eccentricities and all.

In my capacity as a divorce lawyer can I just highlight the fact that it bore all the hallmarks of a wedding! Entitled a ceremony there were rings, there were vows, there were rich and poor, sickness and health, and the lighting of an eternal flame.

Any wonder I am now holding my breath for the closing ceremony. I have a premonition that it is going to be right up my street!


Divorce Theft said...


Indeed. The ceremony sounds very familiar to wedding vows :) The closing ceremony might as well be supervised by a learned colleague...

Divorce Forms said...

The 'lighting of an eternal flame' seems like a bit of a strech :) Judih you, as a divorce solicitor, have to admit this is true (sarcasm)