Tuesday, 29 May 2012


The Redneck Games (an alternative to the Olympics for those who like their competitions to be a little more “earthy”) took place in East Dublin, Georgia at the weekend. With events such as Water Melon Seed Spitting, Bobbin for Pigs’ Feet and an Armpit Serenade, it must have been as big a sell out as London 2012. From the pictures I’ve seen, the gusto with which contestants threw themselves into the mud-pit created for belly-flopping was certainly commendable. I particularly liked the competitor captured on camera participating in her wedding dress. If it wasn’t for the fact that her husband flopped with her, I’d have been persuaded that it was a symbol of a poignant end to a marriage, as opposed to of jumping in at the deep end


tulsa divorce lawyers said...

I love the Red Neck Games! very creative :)

StrongerMe said...

Being a redneck, I am seriously considering riding through the mud on a 4-wheeler in my wedding dress. The dang thing wouldn't sell in a garage sale!
Wait...who am I kidding? I got married in 1995. That dress wouldn't fit.
Dang...back to the drawing board.

tulsa divorce lawyers said...

Judith darling please come back to us - you're posts are a lot like crack cocaine for bloggers :)

Judith said...

Apologies to my addicts; I have been pre-occupied with deskwork and planting potatoes between rain showers. The blog has, however, now been updated.