Monday, 12 December 2011


I could almost feel sorry for the recession. It was only three years ago when banks were failing and the global economy went into melt-down that we were being told nobody could afford to divorce anymore. With share prices in free-fall and house values spiralling downwards to produce negative equity, we believed it. Figures published last week, however, show that the divorce rate rose by 4.9% from 2009 to 2010. Of course, it’s once again the recession’s fault; apparently all those monetary difficulties are driving a wedge between couples who then find solace in the divorce courts.

I wonder if there could be another explanation: like a catch-up from all those who deferred their split in 2008-09 in the hope that the value of their home or spouse’s pension might recover. A year on, they simply got sick of waiting!


Divorce Solicitor Bristol said...

I think you're right that it could be a catch up from people who deferred.
Of course it could be just another example of the UK press manipulating statistics to create a story that isn't true.
Do people really stay together beacuse of a recession?

Quickie Divorce said...

I'm sure there are several other possible reasons for the divorce rate having grown in 2010. We may get a better idea when the figures for 2011 are released next year but any explanations put forward are unlikely to be anything other than theory.

Tulsa Divorce Lawyers said...

Judith right now is a great time to divorce here in Oklahoma, United States because our local economy is much stronger than that of the rest of the US or Great Britain. That's good news for me and my fellow divorce attorneys here in our community.

uk immigration solicitors said...

Divorce is expensive. On top of attorney's fees, you will need money to set up a new household. Though it may be difficult to make ends meet, you should get used to having less now.