Thursday, 13 October 2011


When you live in the countryside, many of the facilities that urban dwellers take for granted are denied to you. One advantage, apart from the mobile library service, is that your doctor can not only prescribe medication but also dispense it. So it was this evening that I went to the Surgery to collect a prescription.

Whilst queuing is not generally required, I did find myself behind a long-married couple. As he discussed his ailments with the member of staff on duty, his wife turned to me. “Which desk do you think I hand him over at?” she asked, motioning with her head in turn to the reception and dispensing counters.

I must have looked quizzical, because she then pointed to a postcard stuck on the wall. It showed two elderly ladies gossiping; above their heads were text balloons:
“I don’t like the look of my husband, so I’m taking him to the doctor’s this evening,” said one.
“I’ll come too,” said the other. “I can’t stand the sight of mine!”

Finally I have confirmation that clients are more likely to see a doctor about relationship issues than a solicitor!


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lol...but there's also a lot of truth to it :)

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Judith said...

Thank you for the alert Mark. My policy, like yours, is to delete obvious spam, especially self- promotional messages, but it is difficult when they run into hundreds. I also apologise to all those people whose perfectly legitimate comments are deleted with the spam, in error.

tulsa divorce attorneys said... spam. I'm just a horrible blogger :) Judith I really enjoy your blog and I hope you will continue to let me leave comments on it.

On a side note, I own 3 blogs myself and each day am bombarded with about 90 automated spam comments. So long as you moderate the comments, there is not much harm that the spammers can cause to your blog.

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