Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Once upon a time a client contacted me. “I want an injunction,” he said.

Assuming that he had been at the humiliating end of an incident of domestic abuse, I warned him that even court orders that prohibit threats and molestation can have their shortfalls as I prepared to take notes and asked him to tell me what had happened.

“I’ve been having a relationship with another woman for a few years now,” he began, “It’s now finished and I’ve confessed everything to my wife.”

“And she’s got angry and frightened you?” I queried.

"No, it’s the ex girlfriend; she’s threatening to go to the newspapers.”

“Are they likely to publish?” I enquired.

“Look I’m not so bothered about that, I just want to be really famous,” he replied. “I work in a bank, play football at weekends and I’ve even been in the audience of a Top Gear show, so I thought I’d have all the credentials for a truly super injunction.”

“Will trying to stop publication grant you the fame and publicity you are clearly so readily seeking?” I asked.

“Yes, if the whole mad world starts tweeting about me instead!”


Tulsa Divorce Attorney Matt Ingham said...

That's hilarious...he just wanted some publicity :)

Divorce Attorneys Tulsa said...

That's abuse of the court system is what that is :O