Tuesday, 16 November 2010


It’s a sign of our cynical times I suppose but no sooner is the engagement announced than I receive a call asking if I will pop into the local radio station on my way home from work and make a comment or two. It’s a strange request of a divorce lawyer.

“Will it be good for business?” No, I can’t have heard correctly. Does the presenter think I’m actually a man of the cloth licensed to undertake wedding ceremonies or is she anticipating that a swift divorce will follow the happy nuptials? Will Prince William and Kate Middleton (no relation) set a trend and will more happy Darlington couples follow suit only to land at my doorstep in a few years time?

Nobody goes into marriage thinking it will end and if anyone hedges their bets believing that if it doesn’t work out they can get a divorce easily, they will be disappointed. Divorce is amongst the most traumatic events you can endure and is only for those for whom there is no alternative. Far better, as I know my clients have done, to work hard at your marriage and try your best to save it. At the point of no hope my doorstep is there but it is very much a last resort.

P.S. The presenter was actually alluding to pre-nuptial agreements.


Ed the California Divorce Attorney said...

Even though we'd be out of business if people stopped getting divorced, but I completely agree with you, Judith. Divorce should only be done when couple's have exhausted all their efforts at trying to keep a marriage alive. A divorce isn't just traumatic, but it's extremely costly as well. That is why DIY divorces have become my advocate, and California divorce papers have become my tools. If you have the time, please read my "California Divorce Papers" by visiting this link: http://californiadivorceforms.org/california-divorce-papers/.

I enjoyed this blog entry. Thank you for making me laugh! I actually bookmarked this on StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg, Reddit and Google bookmarks.

irareese said...

I definitely agree with you that it is far more beneficial to try and mediate the problems between spouses rather than file for divorce. People tend to think that divorce is a simple move, but in fact it's a long drawn out process. Try to work out your problems but if you simply can't, call the New Jersey divorce attorney to get a great lawyer with a lot of experience to be in your corner.

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