Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Guess what? Christmas is coming again! How on earth have I sussed out this amazing fact before anyone else? It must be something to do with being a divorce lawyer I guess and not at all because of the tinsel and flashing lights that have begun to adorn Darlington not to mention the Santa Clauses in the shop windows. Sadly it’s that time of year when solicitors’ offices are besieged by enquiries from estranged parents about Christmas contact. It may shortly be the season of goodwill but there’s a surfeit of malice and vindictiveness in the air when one parent seeks to deny the other contact with their children without good cause. Contact with both parents is the right of every child and it should only be curtailed or severed where, in the most serious of circumstances, this is necessary to protect the child. How many times do we hear people say Christmas is for the children? So come on let’s all have a very happy yuletide, stop the bickering and let them enjoy quality time with each of you.


Maddy said...

If mum and dad get divorced will i get TWO christmasses? Nobody answers any of my questions. But i think they really are getting divorced because now dad only comes back on weekends.

I write a blog too. Its about being angry coz i throw things and shout sometimes. and writing is going to help. I like writing. I think you must too because you have writed SO much.

My blog is new but you can read it if you want to.

Please answer my question about the chistmasses. my sister doesnt know.

Thank you
x Maddy

Judith said...
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Judith said...

Mmmm Maddy , two Christmases could sounds like one of the few compensations for your predicament. However, as the old rhyme says: “Christmas comes but once a year” and just think of all those brussels sprouts you’d have to eat if it didn’t! I think you’re just going to have to rely on Mum and Dad to be sensible here and, whatever their differences, I’m sure they’ll get everything organised between them so you have one of the best days of the year.

Maddy said...

Thanks judith

I hope you are right. Mum is more sensible than dad though. I hope it is a nice day. I hope its still snowing!!!

I actually like brussel sprouts. Granny makes them with bits of bacon and they taste really yum. (Jamie hates them).

Love Maddy

Bobbi said...

My hubby has not seen his daughter for over 4 years. A worse case scenario of parental alienation... if you believe it that stuff. I believe, because we lived it. My blog has several posts on it. The daughter is 18 now, but hates her father. She used to adore him. It's sad what parents will do nowadays to get 'even' or out of jealousy.