Sunday, 13 June 2010


Well the World Cup has definitely started and even Outdoor Man appears glued to the television screen, although the continuous rain outside today may have played its part. It is feared, based on statistics arising from previous sporting events, that incidents of domestic violence will increase during the period of the tournament. Frighteningly when England were defeated by Portugal back in the 2006 World Cup, reports of domestic abuse went up by 30%. It is appalling but there are some households where sport and alcohol are a lethal combination and when the nation’s side loses (as it surely will at some point in the next few weeks), the touch paper ignites.

Police forces across the country are taking the threat seriously and are launching a variety of initiatives to try to limit the impact. Locally in North Yorkshire a confidential 24 hour telephone helpline has been set up, which will run until 25th July on 01904 646630. Durham, Cleveland and Northumbria police forces have joined together with a poster campaign to raise awareness: “What time is kick off in your house?” and again publicise their domestic violence helpline, 0800 066 5555.

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