Wednesday, 14 April 2010


I have just got back from a brief sojourn in the USA. New York is such a diverse city that it must hold something for everybody. In my case you will not be surprised to learn that I discovered it to be a city of divorce.

Immediately I got into a cab at JFK airport I was greeted by a video screen on the back of the driver’s seat in front of me. A comedy show was playing but across the bottom news items were scrolling. So it was that I had hardly set foot on American soil before I read: “Judge will hear arguments in Dennis Hopper’s divorce case.”

The next day, whilst walking through Central Park I couldn’t help overhearing a conversation; “Single, divorced, whatever,” it went.

From one of those open topped tourist buses which had stopped near City Hall, I heard the guide announce: “And in that building you can get married and conveniently divorced too!”

Then at the next table in an Italian restaurant on 46th Street, a new divorcee was given this advice: “Remember in New York you must not date cheap.”

Finally reading the headlines of the newspaper held by the passenger on the subway opposite me, I saw: “Ex wants a cut, but she won’t get my billions.”

I confess I loved New York.


Len said...

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