Tuesday, 16 February 2010


When speaking to clients in my capacity as a divorce solicitor, I have learned the hard way that it is always important to check the date and be prepared to discover you are talking at cross-purposes.

Once upon a time in the days when High Streets closed on Shrove Tuesday for pancake races, I recall conversing with a client. She worked part-time and had taken to ringing me during her coffee break at work on Tuesday mornings.

“He’s a tosser,” she fumed on this particular day. “He’s flipped 3 times already this morning!”
I held my tongue but wondered whether I should be suggesting that she call Mental Health.

When she told me that she had left him on the ceiling, I felt I had to broach the prospect of medical assistance and delicately suggested that maybe she should involve his GP.

“What, to scrape a pancake down from the kitchen ceiling?” she responded in astonishment!

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