Wednesday, 20 January 2010


There has been a considerable amount of hoo-ha this week about Debenham’s decision to offer a divorce gift list. The store is reported to claim that it’s in response to the growing popularity of parties, cakes and cards to celebrate the unravelling of the knot. However and in so doing it has come in for criticism for trivialising marriage and making divorce a fun event.

Purely in the interests of scientific research I visited the Debenham’s website this evening to see what was on offer. There was no obvious department on the tabs at the top of the page and I therefore tried Gifts. Although broken down into Occasions, Recipients and Categories, I could find nothing for divorce or divorcees. Browsing the other tabs, I wondered if the store might even be so bold as to have included this new line under its wedding tab. I duly clicked, but “relief,” there was nothing there to undermine the institution of marriage. In desperation I tried every tab, but there was nothing.

Finally I tried a search of the whole site. “Divorce gift list” I inserted. The first entry it came back with was: “Gift experiences: Audi R8 thrill.” Now you’re talking!

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