Wednesday, 13 January 2010


This week Bristol Crown Court is dealing with the trial of a farmer accused of murdering his wife after she demanded a divorce and £800,000. Around the corner in Swansea, the Crown Court was told today that a husband killed his wife and dumped her body by a motorway in a suitcase after they rowed over his use of casual sex websites.

Are we retreating back to the Dark Ages? What is so wrong with a “quickie divorce” when it's alleged that there are people who insist on a more insidious solution to achieve what they callously perceive as an “easy fix?”


Sani said...

God.. thats awful.. i cant bear to thinkof such a callous person who would just kill a person and more importantly his wife if she asks for a divorce... i m sure that he must have made her life hell...i m also a pro divorce when it comes to women abuse.. see my blog on divorce at

Tulsa Divorce Attorneys said...

I'm all for 'quickie divorces' because it allows the spouses an easy way to 'opt out'. Who knows, maybe if a quickie divorce had been available, this poor wife of the farmer would still be alive???

Oklahoma Divorce said...

There has to be a solution, but I don't think making quickie divorce more accessible is it though.