Thursday, 3 December 2009


According to her website Leah Carey combines a background in professional theatre, training as a Spiritual Life Coach, and a lifetime of psychic experiences to support her clients in experiencing their own light. Leah's goal in all of her work is to support her clients in embracing and claiming their own self-empowerment.

On 18th November she initiated a free online writing experience called WriteAway for people who have been through divorce. The WriteAway concept is based on the use of writing as a healing art. Every weekday morning she posts a writing prompt that offers participants a vehicle for exploring their thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and experiences around divorce

At her website there is also a WriteAway Forum to support participants and once a week, she blogs in response to what she is reading on the boards. The primary aim is to maintain and promote an atmosphere of healing and forward movement.


Anthem Paralegal said...

Hi Judith,
Came to your blog from America doing a search for divorce blogs.
Your suggestion to look at Leah's blog is in line with what we focus on during our Mediation Sessions.
When two people that are caught up in the whirl-wind of divorce actually take the time to stop and think, then real communication can begin.

james said...

Great blog. Divorce isn't easy and in a way it helps to read the way it's effected others. This article is really interesting on the way it effects children and is a must read for anybody who went through what I went through.