Thursday, 15 October 2009


That the climate is changing there appears to be no doubt. Scientists, however, seem divided as to the causes and also the solutions. As for politicians, without them would green or eco taxes have been invented? There seems to be an emerging policy to say that it’s to save the planet, in anticipation that everyone will pay without protest. I’m surprised they haven’t started to tax divorce, well not overtly anyway, although there is already VAT on the solicitor’s bill. Mind single parent families and relationship breakdowns are like gas guzzlers, only a thousand times worse, the multitude of sins they get blamed for. Come to think of it how long will it be before someone tries to make a connection between the rising number of divorces and global warming? There must be a scientific model somewhere, showing a correlation.


John Bolch said...

Hasn't it already been done? See, for example, here.

Judith said...

Oh dear, you're right John - the politicians have already assumed a connection, scientific model or not. It presumably won't be long before there are protesters outside my office door. Mind based on the latest political pronouncements I can't see "living in sin" to save energy together, getting much support, but who knows maybe climate change could result in that much needed change to our laws on cohabitation.

Katherine C/O K said...

It's going to happen with or without us