Monday, 10 August 2009


“Perfection” is the title of a book by Julie Metz published by Hyperion in June. It kindly sent me a copy in advance of the publication date but I regret that it took a sojourn in Spain to set aside the time to read it. It’s an autobiography and is not directly connected to divorce. The writer was, however, widowed in her 40’s and devastated by her husband’s death is even more devastated to discover that he was a liar and serial adulterer.

The book tells the tale of the author’s anger and bitterness; she is described as a vengeful woman but in order to move on with her life learns to let go and reflect on the good times rather than the bad.

“You have to forgive him for us to move on together,” her new partner tells her.

Graphic language and description will probably limit enjoyment of this book for those who like a classically constructed novel. They are however used to effect, conveying the emotions, shock and betrayal suffered by someone denied the opportunity to confront the wrongdoer who continues to dominate and haunt her daily life.


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this looks interesting, thanks for the recommendation.

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"Perfection" sounds like a good read

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sounds like good read - thanks for sharing.