Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Fake Stig looking serious
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After months if not years of speculation the country was surprised to discover that The Stig was Michael Schumacher, then everyone shrugged their shoulders and dismissively implied they’d thought as much all along. There’s always something of a surprise, then anticlimax, when a disguise is lifted to reveal the true identity underneath. One only has to look to The Merry Wives of Windsor for confirmation when Caius declares with both astonishment and disgust “Mistress Anne Page is a boy!”

It’s the same with marriage. Lifting the veil from the bride’s head does the groom ever imagine that one day, as my clients complain, she’ll turn into her mother? Conversely wives bitterly resent the fact that their husbands never change, despite their best efforts!

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Melbourne said...

It is amazing the segway. From the Stig to wives looking like mothers. We are all young and naive, but marriage can still be great when there is respect and empathy. I'm still married because I like it and still enjoy being with my wife.