Thursday, 30 April 2009


Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are countries in the world where some of the basic human rights that we take for granted are non-existent. Women remain second class citizens across the greater part of the globe and children are frequently regarded as little more than objects to raise funds. Take this appalling case of divorce involving a child of eight in Saudi Arabia. It seems that social pressure at least brought the husband in this case to do what we in the West would consider the decent thing but, in the meantime and until the age of marriage is raised legally in countries like Saudi, there are countless children effectively being sold into marriage on a daily basis. Who, more than them, should be able to say,"I don't know why I married him?" Who, more than them, should be entitled to seek a divorce if not avoid marriage in the first place.


Anonymous said...

In adnaced industrialised countries where cases like this do NOT happen, are the only places in the world that takes kids from their families. M ex made false allegations of domestic violence to get me out of the house by applying for ex parte protection order. After this i became just a visitor in my own kids' lives and have now faded away. YOU ARE CAUSING SEVERE DAMAGE TO SOCIETY BY ALL THESE FEMINIST JUSRISPRUDENCE, feminists do not represent families or kids, they are supposed to represent women. They are a hate organisation. bent on destroying families

Anonymous said...

I want to stick up for Judith on this one because if raising fundamental huuman rights issues makes her a feminist then she should be proud to wear the badge.