Tuesday, 28 April 2009


There is obviously nothing good to say about swine flu, save that it appears to have snatched the headlines from the global financial crisis. Yours Truly was helping spread the news today when she gave a radio interview but it failed to refer to either topic; instead I was grilled about the opening up of the Family Courts to the press and why Resolution doesn’t think the changes go far enough, for which see my blog entry on Saturday. Mind, I have to say I was a little disappointed to have spent the greater part of yesterday in Darlington County Court without a sniff of a journalist present. I assume that our local reporters view attending court as something of a waste of time, if they can’t actually print what they witness. Hunting down potential flu sufferers or would be holidaymakers now heading for rainy Blackpool rather than Cancun must be far more fulfilling.

Of course some wit has asked me if I expect swine flu to affect the number of divorce cases I’m handling. “Only if I catch it,” I replied.

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