Sunday, 19 April 2009


Yesterday Little Girl cajoled me into taking her and a friend to the cinema to see what I understood to be a teenage film.

“Don’t you dare snore,” Little Girl whispered as we entered the entertainment complex. “It’s a comedy,” she added as an afterthought, “And whatever you do don’t cry.” That of course is my forte when watching a film.

I strolled into Screen 3 accompanied by my two young companions each clutching a bag of pop-corn. I expected to be bored to the limit but was pleasantly surprised when "17 Again" turned out to be about a divorce; more than co-incidence you might think, though Little Girl denied it.

Needless to say the storyline struck a chord and I found myself choking back the tears at the divorce hearing which only proves that even long-standing divorce lawyers are never inured to the process.

Whilst it wasn’t a movie that I would necessarily recommend to anyone over the age of 17, least of all if you are actually going through a divorce. There was, however, a strong moral message which may be of interest to those only in the process of considering separation. Married young, he blamed her for holding him back for 20 years and denying his opportunity to play college basketball; she him for not appreciating her for what she was. Against the background of divorce papers and a nostalgic trip back in time, however, there was a realisation as to why they had married in the first place and what it was that was really important to them both. With the benefit of hindsight, they had no wish to change their marital set up after all.

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Anonymous said...

Aaahhh! And they say we divorce attorneys are unfeeling monsters who only care about splitting up families. Good to read your blog as always, Judith.

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