Wednesday, 3 December 2008


One of the organisations I am involved with has iron railings that are badly in need of painting. New laws may mean that absent parents who default in the payment of child support maintenance or parents with care who breach orders imposing contact arrangements could find themselves doing unpaid community work in the future. Maybe there’s some scope for matchmaking here!


Marion TD Lewis, Esq. said...

Judith, that's not a bad idea! Gave me the chuckles, actually.

By Marion TD Lewis, Esq. New York
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achrin said...

See, I will always have a problem with the government solving personal issues between two adults. The fact is, before you get with the person, you are in love. You don't consult with a judge and see, hey, do you think he's ok? No, you don't. Yet, your family tells you he is bum, you marry him anyway, turns out he is bum, now taxpayers need to pay money to fund a dept to track the deadbeat down. You knew he was a deadbeat. The same thing goes for men. I just don't feel like we need this type of governmental spending. We need to have more personal responsibility on the mates we chose. Then, it would raise the bar on what people did to keep a relationship, as well as what they did to obtain a relationship.