Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Finally I am giving in and blogging about the credit crisis. With the world’s banks in turmoil, everyone understandably seems to be discussing and worrying about global meltdown and the credit crunch.

Not to be outdone, I found myself participating in such a discussion with one of my colleagues in the office this morning. As he specialises in insolvency work, I suggested that he could at least draw comfort from the fact that his must be an area of work that sadly will be in high demand in such times.

“Insolvency Practitioners have a saying,” he responded, presumably trying to reassure me also, “when the money runs out, so does the wife!”

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Anonymous said...

Not just insolvency specialists, but as this is a divorce blog, think about the impact of the credit crisis on the state of marriage and all relationships for that matter. Divorce Attorneys nationwide are seeing a huge increase in cases. Sad, but true...