Monday, 8 September 2008


The UK’s first ever Wife Carrying Championships took place at the weekend in Northern Ireland. According to Wikipedia the sport was introduced in Finland but has since spread to Estonia, the USA and Canada and now it seems here as well. There is an International Wife Carrying Rules Committee and this has provided that the track must be a mix of sand, grass and gravel; be 253.5 metres in length and contain two dry obstacles and one wet one. Also the wife must be at least 49 kilograms in weight and, somewhat disturbingly, need not be the carrier’s own wife but could be his neighbour’s or even unmarried. Whatever the relationship, several were reportedly dropped on the ground at the weekend, not least when couples attempted the water jump. Oh well it’s gratifying to learn that divorce and separation aren’t the only way wives get dumped these days!


Anonymous said...

Oh, that is funny. I guess you can be "dumped" without really being dumped. As a wife who is being dumped, I appreciate the irony.

My husband right now is filing for divorce through joint divorce Web site. I think that I would prefer the other way of being dumped.


Brian said...

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Tulsa Divorce Attorneys said...

The wife carrying championships sound like a lot of fun :)

Tulsa Divorce Attorneys said...

Wife dumping sounds like fun. I can c how itd catch on