Monday, 29 September 2008


I have just got back from a weekend in Venice. Flying into Marco Polo airport we were able to make out various landmarks from the sky, which helped to put our destination into perspective. It didn’t help us, however, when down at ground level we found ourselves lost in the labyrinth of narrow streets, criss-crossing the canal system. It’s the same when calamity strikes. Caught up in the midst of the crossfire, it’s hard to see a way to deal with the problem let alone analyse its causes. Put some distance between you and it, and gradually everything can be brought into perspective.


raymondane said...

Someone really decided to put on their thinking cap, great going! It’s fantastic to see people really writing about the important things.

Tulsa Divorce Lawyers said...

Sounds overwhelming :)

Oklahoma City Divorce Attorneys said...

I agree with raymondane, that's quality thinking.