Friday, 18 July 2008


The divorce story to hit the press today involves a stand alone website set up by divorcee Gary Dean who wants to set the record straight and correct Chinese whispers to the effect that he fleeced his former wife of 20 years. He does this by revealing the terms of their financial settlement agreed in the High Court in Preston, last year and which he says comprised a £3.7 million settlement along with jewellery, cars and school fees. I wonder if the site has succeeded in quietening the rumourmongers and if there have been any other repercussions: begging letters or queues of potential second wives spring to mind.

Mr Dean reveals that he originally offered more than £3.7million to settle the case but his wife issued legal proceedings regardless. “I don’t quite get that bit,” he confesses. “Quite why we both went through almost two years of huge legal bills and the stress of fighting the financial aspects of divorce, I really don’t know,’ he muses.

I doubt if his ex- wife , who is understandably keeping her thoughts to herself, is going to set up a website in reply, so we too can contemplate on the wisdom of that move. Certainly, court applications are made for a variety of reasons, for instance: by some in anticipation that it will force the other side to increase their offer; sometimes because it is believed that there are more assets than are being revealed; on occasions because the client believes that if a court decides he’ll find the decision and process easier to accept and manage than having to negotiate and agree terms; frequently because those offers to settle which have been made are woefully pitiful. Also we mustn’t forget those cases where the issue of proceedings is completely absurd and it can be seen from the outset that economically there will be no winners and only losers.

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