Tuesday, 10 June 2008

EURO 2008

I thought that this summer I might be spared the soccer spectacular which is Euro 2008. With no British team qualifying surely it could hold little or no interest to either Apprentice or Outdoor Man. It seems I was wrong and loyalties have been quickly switched after the allocation of teams from a sweepstake.

It’s funny how regular events bring back memories. In the case of the Euro Soccer competition, it seems to have accorded with Apprentice Man’s swift growth from infant to semi-adult. Indeed I can still remember his excitement at the age of 5 when we let him stay up until the late, late hour of 8pm to watch England play. Eight years ago, we had only just moved into our present home and my memories of the boys gathered around the television set are mingled with the smell of fresh paint.

Major events like sporting competitions or family celebrations such as birthdays and at Christmas, are great for setting memories into a time frame. It’s a technique that I often suggest to clients if I need them to prepare a statement, for instance for the drafting of a divorce petition where a chronological sequence of behaviour is often required. Invariably if the client does not keep a diary (and how many Samuel Pepys are there left these days?) the ability to recall the detail sought and then put a date to it is hindered. By trying to work out if it was before or after a specific event that can be date checked, we can begin to piece together something accurate.

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