Monday, 16 June 2008


Reuters today reported that an Italian man has been arrested for kidnapping his former girlfriend. (Click here for the full story). Apparently he took her back to his home and forced her to wash up and iron for him. In England Northern men, as epitomised by Andy Capp, are reputed for their lack of skills on the domestic front and there’s many a woman I’ve advised who feels that she has become no more than an unpaid skivvy. That said I would struggle to recall a case so blatantly chauvinistic as this one, and to think I thought Italians were famed for their irresistible romantic charm!


Tulsa Divorce Attorney said...

There's a lot of crazy people out there and there's a lot of men who lack domestic skills out there as well :)

Divorce Attorneys Tulsa said...

sum men are just too mucho