Wednesday, 14 May 2008


On the basis that laughter is supposed to be good for you, today has been a great day. Is it May Madness or what?

The UK government has made available online its previously secret files of UFO sightings in the period 1978 to 1987. Comic in their own right, they include various tales of flying saucers and misshapen men from far off places. At the same time Father Funes, a respected scientist in the Vatican Observatory, has had an article published in the Vatican newspaper headlined “Aliens are my Brother” in which he claims that intelligent beings could exist in outer space, created by God, and some could even be free from original sin!

Thank goodness instead for good old fashioned Pythonesque humour from that master of mad comedy, John Cleese. He claimed that being ordered to pay an allegedly excessive amount in maintenance (some $20,000 per month more than his current income) for his ex-wife “is money well spent”. Come to think of it maybe he wasn’t trying to be funny after all and he believes it – just like all those people who’ve seen little green men.

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