Thursday, 10 April 2008


There is a time and a place for everything. Unfortunately the family car is an inevitable source of friction when travelling with your nearest and dearest. If he’s driving they will invariably be lost and she will be pleading with him to stop and seek directions. If she’s driving, he will not have been able to resist the urge to offer positive criticism and she will be threatening to throw the keys down the next drain they pass, if he does not shut up.

It was reported that a male driver in Australia was stopped by police in the early hours this morning whilst driving at 125mph (203kph) through a suburb of Perth with a 62mph (100kph) speed limit. He was apparently arguing with his wife on his mobile phone at the time, and the argument continued even after he was stopped. I wonder if he could have been lost and she was offering him directions.


Miss Love said...

Australians and their marital problems seem to be in the press an awful lot lately:

Judith said...

I understand what you mean. See this item at Family Lore for a possible explanation!

Tulsa Divorce Attorneys said...

I seriously doubt it Judith :)