Wednesday, 16 April 2008


John Bolch at Family Lore today ruminated on the inevitable demise of divorce (and family lawyers) if parthenogenesis became the normal route for reproduction in the human species.

Co-incidentally Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2 yesterday speculated that with more and more females breaking through the glass ceiling, the evolution of the human species is likely to speed up and women will become like many of the female gender in the insect and reptile kingdoms. They will in essence rule the world, allow men to exist only to impregnate them and then, of course, eat them. There will be presumably be no point in divorce lawyers then either.

Now in isolation I would have dismissed both of these predictions as pure self indulgent nonsense on the part of those advancing them. However, to hear of two similar theories in such a short space of time has to lead you to wonder if there really can be smoke without fire!

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Amy said...

Women dominating all species and socities will not be a bad thing. Considering we are a smart and rational species of our own.
I enjoy reading your blog. It is inspiring during my own divorce.