Tuesday, 8 April 2008


I am intrigued by a factoid I’ve just been presented with. (Factoid, definition: a piece of unreliable information, presumed to be true because of the manner in which it is presented.)

Apparently, a substantial number of people in Britain today will have a longer relationship with a household appliance than they will with a partner.

The possibilities are endless. Will there come a time when you need to see a solicitor to secure a divorce from your washing machine? Or what about paying maintenance for the cooker and its four little hobs? Maybe you even fancy a trial separation from the vacuum cleaner. It certainly gives the prospect of a quick spin and then tumble with the dryer a whole new meaning.


bentonbag said...

It depends on whether the domestic appliances have built in obsolesence or not.
We have just put in my son's bedroom the portable black&white tv my Dad bought in 1974 so that he could watch the World Cup in the front room without Mum and I complaining or walking in front of it at crucial moments. Although it hasn't been in my life for all it's 34 years.
My cats survived 16 and 18 years, definitely longer than any relationship with a partner - so far ...

Anonymous said...

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