Monday, 31 March 2008


Whilst skiing last week, Outdoor Man and I separated. It was the usual thing; he and Little Girl flew down the slope so fast that they skied right past the lift we were taking. Now I may be slow but that does not mean that I am stupid. Hence, I hopped on the lift, motioning to them as I drifted overhead that I’d see them at the top. They had a long detour to make and an extra lift, so it meant that I had a solitary 40 minutes to pass as best I could.

I headed for the terrace of a conveniently situated restaurant. With sunshine on my face, a gluhwein to indulge in and all around the majestic scenery of the mountain tops, it was a most satisfying interlude.

When you are all alone, it is, of course, vital that you look after yourself.

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