Sunday, 16 March 2008


I confess that this time last week it was my birthday. Not just any old birthday, but one of those with a great big “0” at the end! Outdoor Man suggested that it might be a good idea to celebrate the occasion by test driving a car, so I organised a party instead. After all, if he wasn’t intending to make a gift to me of a car, was there any point? I digress, for I was intending to write about the party which we organised at a wonderful remote location at an old inn on the top of the North Yorkshire Moors. It was an opportunity to interact with family and friends and whilst I hope that everyone else enjoyed themselves, the birthday girl certainly did.

Organising such events can be a nightmare especially if you have friends who have separated or divorced and you’ve remained in contact with both. Do you invite both, neither or only one? It can be even worse when it’s your wedding and your parents are divorced or the bride and groom are the divorcees and it is their adult children who are apprehensive. The excitement of the big day becomes tinged by concern and in some cases even fear on the part of all involved. It’s no wonder so many people disappear to an exclusive foreign destination to go through the whole process discreetly, witnessed only by a local official and two passing strangers. If, however, the expense of that foreign location or even a fear of flying puts you off, I can certainly recommend the North Yorkshire Moors for seclusion.

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