Thursday, 24 January 2008


Last night in the company of fellow members of our local business club, I enjoyed a tour behind the scenes at Darlington’s Civic Theatre. As well as getting to stand on the stage, we peeped at areas the audience never gets to see whilst the manager entertained us with ghost stories. It seems that Flyman Jim treads the rafters; Signor Pepi, the original owner, occasionally comes through from his private quarters to observe the odd ballet and an unnamed gent in top hat and tails rocks on a seat in the dress circle. All three are purportedly trapped between this world and the next, condemned to revisit old haunts in perpetuity.

None of the spectres made an appearance during our visit. If they had, and drawing on my expertise as a divorce lawyer, was there anything that I could have said to try to help them out of their predicament?

I don’t think that “You have to let go, look to the future and get on with your life,” would somehow have been appropriate.

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