Friday, 4 January 2008


Whilst I’ve been blogging about India it seems that there has been an influx of global tales of marital disharmony.

It started in the East with news that a cheated wife in China gatecrashed a televised presentation of the unveiling of the Beijing Olympics’ channel to denounce one of its presenters (also her husband) as an adulterer. Needless to say that piece of television has now made its way to YouTube for which click here. Congratulations should be offered on the lady’s composure but personally I’d prefer to make such allegations in a court room rather than in front of the burly chaps who seemingly muscled in to persuade her to move away from the cameras.

Here in the UK we had a decision from the Court of Appeal effectively giving the green light to pre-nuptial agreements which for so long have been disregarded as being contrary to public policy (and the sanctity of marriage), Now it seems that if
1) you are perhaps worth £18million at the time of your marriage and regardless of the fact your husband may be worth 3 times as much (but nobody knows because the court wouldn’t allow any disclosure),and
2) you enter into a deed agreeing each to keep your own and to make no claim against your spouse should the relationship break down, and
3) it does (after a period of only 18 months or so),
then you just might be held to your agreement!

Next there was news that a wife in Egypt is going to court to establish whether or not she has been properly divorced by her husband under Syaria law as a result of declarations of divorce received from him by text message. Muslim law permits the pronouncement of talak, whereby the utterance of words denoting divorce by a husband on 3 occasions result in an automatic end to the marriage. Malaysia has apparently already outlawed the use of text message for this purpose; as a result of lobbying by divorce lawyers presumably.

Then in the newspapers today there were reports of the criminal prosecution of Mr Medley who allegedly, in a fit of pique following the sale of the personalised plate on his Ferrari by his wife, disposed of a shoe from every one of the many pairs in her £1,000 collection. They are now happily divorced but apparently not speaking.

Finally we also had further news concerning Britney Spears. It was only 2 days ago that we were told her legal team no longer want to act for her because of communication difficulties. On the basis that they still have telephone, e-mail and postal services in the USA I guess that this means she is being reticent in the delivery of instructions. Today we are advised that she was carried out of her house on a stretcher after some kind of altercation relating to the custody of her two young toddlers when police, the father’s lawyer, a helicopter and numerous police cars were all called to the house. Spare a thought for the children, presumably in there at the time, and at the centre of what can be best described as a horrible mess

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Chrissy said...

Britney and K-Fed should read...Stop Fighting Over The Kids. I've read that they were fighting over the kids and going through custody battles ...this would be a good one to read.
Actually - not even making fun of them, my ex and I have had to result to this book as all we ever did was fight over the kids. It was quite ridiculous.
Spread the word, this is a really good book!