Saturday, 5 January 2008


The water buffalo lives in the marshy fields of Kerala as does the cattle egret. The two enjoy close proximity with the egret eating leeches from the buffalo’s back and legs whilst the buffalo moves its hooves to reveal a gourmet’s delight of species of mud insect for the egret to feed on. To see the two living dutifully side by side is a contrast to so many cattle and species of bird at home. Unlike the humble elephant (click here for my blog entry on elephants), I don’t think the buffalo and the egret will ever divorce.

Two creatures which do not live so harmoniously together are the ghekko and cricket. Whilst sitting one evening last week, we observed the former pounce on the latter and kill it by what can only be assumed to be strangulation using its jaw muscles. Many of my clients are inclined to quip that murdering one’s partner may only result in a 30 year prison sentence compared with divorce and maintenance payments for life. However, even if you do have the constitution of a ghekko (which incidentally also proceeded to eat the evidence), I do not recommend murder as a remedy for relationship difficulties.

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