Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Live Nativity
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Jenny Romney

So Mary and Joseph aren’t going to go cold and roofless this Christmas either. In the true spirit of Christmas, Travelodge is offering all couples called Mary and Joseph one night’s free accommodation between Christmas Eve and Twelfth Night. Now my memory might not be totally accurate but I’m pretty certain that I have no friends, relations, colleagues, passing acquaintances or clients (past or present) who together with their spouse are called Mary and Joseph. Does this suggest such a combination is something of a rarity and that maybe Travelodge aren’t being quite as generous as might at first be perceived? Whilst I regularly prepare change of name deeds for those clients wishing to alter their surnames post divorce, changing forenames is less common. However, tomorrow I shall join in the Christmas spirit and offer two change of name deeds (limited of course to the names of Mary and Joseph) for the price of one, thus satisfying all those couples who want to change their names in order to benefit from this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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John Bolch said...

Great idea - Travelodge are going to love you! Something tells me they haven't thought this through...